The Lane Vineyard

Grown in our backyard. Every berry.

On a balmy summer evening after a long day working at the 500cc Moto Grand Prix in Magny Cour, France, John Edwards had dinner at a farmhouse restaurant on the banks of the Loire River. Drinking local wine he thought of his time as a young cellar hand in Australia and mused “One day I want to make wine like this”. He had just encountered his first experience of wine with a true sense of place.​

The romance of growing grapes and making wine in a booming industry was tantalizing. In 1992 on a regular foray searching for the place to plant a vineyard, John and Helen Edwards discovered Ravenswood Lane. They were high in the Adelaide Hills just a short drive from the village of Hahndorf.​

Unhurriedly taking in the view of Mount Lofty Ranges, they left the car to lean on an old farm gate. Hereford cattle eyed them with curiosity, a solitary farm shed spoke of times gone by. They looked at each other and nodded, this was the place they had searched for, the place where they would grow grapes, make wine and share the bounty of their vineyard with friends and visitors.

While John had glimpsed this destiny in France, Helen found poignancy in the moment remembering Helen and John’s peace-loving fathers “RG” and “JC” who as young men had gone to war to defend Australia wanting to give their children the opportunity to live and work in peace. Helen felt their presence that day, urging her and John to take the opportunity before their eyes.​

Helen and John agreed from the beginning their story would be more of a message about their spot of land and an irrepressible family passion for good food and great wine.​

Today The Lane Vineyard is a mature and exciting wine business, one of Australia’s true wine domains. Helen and John are passing the reins over to Marty and Ben. The family’s dedication to making wine that gives people a sense of pleasure and luxury lives on.

The Lane Vineyard