Fiaje Artisan Jams and Preserves

Standing for Fruit In A Jar Experience. It’s a bit of a tongue twister. Pronounced “fee-ar-sh” with a French lilt and you’ve got it licked.

Fiaje is based in the fruit bowl of South Australia where we have access to an amazing range of locally grown produce. 

The Fiaje technique is to cook the fruit with just the right balance of sugar to maintain the integrity of the fruit and preserve it without drowning the natural taste of the fruit. Some of the jams are cooked over two days where we macerate the fruit with sugar and spices overnight to meld and draw out the fruit juices and flavours. The next day it is finished by applying a quick boil to meld the fruit flavours and sugar together further until the desired texture and flavours are achieved. 

We make all of our products in small batches where all of our fruit-based jam and jelly products are cooked using no more than 4kg of fruit at a time.

Fiaje Artisan Jams and Preserves