Molten moments

Monday, February 6, 2017

Our Valentine’s Day hamper has a touch of glass this year, with the introduction of Tim Shaw’s intricate glass hearts adding to the romance of our hampers. Refined over many hours in a special crucible, the hearts are created once the correct temperature is reached in the furnace. The molten glass is rolled in the coloured powdered glass, before being skilfully encased in crystal glass. Once Tim is happy with the shape, the hearts are allowed to cool slightly, before being transferred to a kiln for longer controlled cooling. 

Once returned to room temperature, the hearts are polished and checked, before being packaged within their foamed boxes for release. A small, but perfectly formed memento from an otherwise delicious Valentine’s hamper.

With 3 degrees in Glassblowing, Tim Shaw has an international reputation for his glasswork. This includes his signature ‘slash and cut’ avant-garde style, making his works popular in Europe and the USA as well as Australia. Now living in the Adelaide Hills, we are delighted to include his artwork in our hampers.

For more information on Tim and his works, please visit