How Do I Use - Pistachio Oil?

Friday, September 30, 2016

Pistachio oil is one of the amazing oils included in our hampers from Harding’s Fine Foods of Willunga. We have recently fielded a couple of questions from our customers asking ‘how do I use it?’ We thought the best way was to provide a potted history of pistachio nuts and their oil – nutting it out, if you like. So here we go;

The pistachio nut is a member of the cashew nut family.

Pistachio nuts are rich in vitamin A B6 and E and are in fact the seeds of small, drought tolerant trees originally from Asia and the Middle East. They are grown in other countries such as in the Mediterranean and the U.S.

Each tree produces its main harvest every two years of up to 50 kilos or 50,000 nuts.

It is used as a food additive to create a delicious rich nutty taste. It is used in skin care products too as it is an excellent moisturiser due to its antioxidant and hydrating qualities.

Pistachio oil is extracted from pistachio nuts. It is a bright green oil that tastes just like the nut.

Pistachio oil is not ideally suited as a cooking oil. It is used as a sauce or vinaigrette.

As a vinaigrette, it can be used in a salad dressing such as balsamic to give a nutty flavour.

As a sauce, it can be applied in its natural state to cooked greens, chicken or fish (particularly salmon and trout), shellfish, etc. It is also delicious when drizzled over warm bread or over a fresh fruit sundae or vanilla ice cream or yoghurt.

Add it in cream cheese spreads for sandwiches or crackers, or perhaps add it as an accompaniment to the cheese board.

Pistachio oil is also a welcome ingredient in cakes, muffins, biscuits and tarts and can even be added to orange juice.

Roasted pistachio oil is a well-kept secret of many top chefs that use it daily to add another layer to the texture, aroma and flavour of their recipes.

So there we have it. pistachio oil over grilled salmon – absolutely delicious! To grab a bottle today, check out our hampers ‘Make Your House a Home’ for superb Pistachio spread, and ‘Locavore Flavours – Fleurieu Peninsula’ and ‘The Providore’ for Harding’s pistachio oil.