Do the doorstep challenge

Friday, August 26, 2016

How many times have you visited the major tourist attractions in your own area?

It usually takes someone visiting from overseas or interstate for you to realise how much there is to offer on your own doorstep, particularly here in South Australia.  But I already live here, I hear you say.  I'll visit one day. I'll make the effort. And generally you get busy working or carting kids to and from school or to sporting events, and it never quite happens. Until the next visitor from overseas or interstate shows up and wants to go to a museum you drive past every day.

Local food works with the same rule. You head to Coles or Woolies and traipse down the aisles as if on a conveyor belt. I think I might be able to pick out everything I need even if you blindfolded me. The local food is right there, begging to be tried and tasted, but we still get back into the rut of heading to the supermarket and back onto the conveyor belt. Our hampers are in a very small way trying to change that, trying the local, the fresh, the slightly different flavours and the oh so delicious tastes of a spectacular region. 

So this weekend, go on, head down to the local market. Smell and taste the olive oil from the farmers own backyard, and try the bread that was home baked fresh that morning, not shipped in from foreign shores.  Your taste-buds will thank you for it.  The movement towards slow food - supporting regional produce and learning where your food is from - is gaining traction every year, and is a really worthy cause.  You can speak to the providores, learn about your local produce, taste the difference and know that you are helping keep amazing food available in South Australia.  Market or museum. It's on our doorstep.